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Why Choose New bREED k9?

With a deep understanding of canine behavior balanced training techniques, I strive to create a harmonious environment where dogs and their owners can thrive together. 

-Oliver Nielsen

Personalized Attention. 

I focus solely on your dog's specific needs. Every dog is unique and my customized approach ensures effective results tailored to your pup. 


I firmly believe that patience and encouragement go a long way. My training methods are based on creating a methodical and joyful learning experience for your dog.


I don't just train dogs, I empower pet parents providing them valuable knowledge and techniques to maintain and reinforce behaviors at home. 

My name is OLIVER.


Oliver is the epitome of a dog person. Stemming from a family who was never without a furry friend in the house. Oliver's passion for dogs is deeply ingrained in his being. In his early adulthood, Oliver rescued a high needs golden retriever named Kobe who would kickstart his passion for training. After searching high and low for a trainer to learn from, he landed on Tony Cortez of Tony's Dog Training based in Southern California. Tony took Oliver under his wing and provided an opportunity to get hands-on experience with dogs ranging from 5 pound chihuahuas to 160 pound Cane Corsos.

Oliver quickly grew a passion and knack for training, joining Tony in his endeavors on training tactics inclusive of basic obedience all the way to protection training- allowing him to get a deep dive into canine psychology. Oliver has extensive experience in working with puppies, rescues with timid tendencies, dogs with severe temperament aggression histories, and beyond. 

Moving to Connecticut the Summer of 2022, Oliver embarked on his solo journey to support owners in the Northeast with the tools they need to strengthen their bond with their dog and build a happy and healthy life for your four legged friends.  

What Clients are saying.

Cannot say enough wonderful things about my experiences working with Oliver. His passion and devotion both with me and my dog were evident in the many months we trained together. He is also as patient and as thorough as you will need to train a puppy through the basics on up. I highly recommend him, you and your pup will have been thankful for years to come!
-Summer L. 

What Clients are saying

Through our training, we now have the confidence to tackle any new situation thrown at us. Oliver with New Breed K9 has truly changed our lives. Thank you for everything you have done, we are forever grateful. 
-Max T. 

What Clients are saying

Working with Oliver was the best thing for me and my dog. It is so important to work with a trainer. Oliver is very knowledgeable about dogs and dog behavior. Both myself and my dog really benefited from training with Oliver. You are in good hands with Oliver. 
-Nicole L. 

What Clients are saying

Oliver was amazing with my very sensitive lab puppy. He worked hard to help him learn and build confidence with new people and other dogs. I am very thankful for the time and energy he put in. Thank you! 
-Rebecca T.

What Clients are saying

Oliver is the best dog trainer. His dog Kobe is a testament to how seriously he takes his job. Oliver is patient with even the most reactive of dogs (like mine) and helped my dog feel confident. 
-Noelle S.

Dogs should be allowed as much liberty as they can responsibly handle. The greatest gift of training is that it increases the dog's ability to handle liberty.

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Every dog is unique. My personalized approach is tailored to fit your dog's individual needs. My goal is to operate as your partner and advocate in transforming your beloved pet into a well-behaved and happy companion.

Embark on the exciting journey of transformation with New Breed K9. Whether you are a first-time pet parent or experienced dog owner, my training services are designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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At New Breed K9, I am dedicated to strengthening your bond between you and your canine companion. Often training is not a quick fix, with me you are getting a trainer committed to helping you with evolving challenges between you and your dog. 

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